Local 229 received the first Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Charter in 2001. Our Local is built on the premise that the union is the membership, and we encourage involvement and activism at all levels. In keeping with the tradition of the National Union, we recognize that our Local must reach out beyond bargaining and grievances to protect and expand social and economic justice in our community and in our country.

In 2013, two Canadian Unions Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Unions (CEP) formed Unifor to become the largest private sector union in Canada. Unifor Local 229 continues to advocate for and defend the rights of working people in several economic sectors in Thunder Bay and the District Communities that our members live and work in.

More information on the National Union is available at their web site at www.unifor.org

Unifor Local 229 proudly has over 4,500 members.